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Fees for Civil Process Service

  • Policy about returns of service: Effective April 9, 2007 the Civil Division of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office will no longer mail out returns of service without a self address stamped envelope for your return.
  • Fees for service of process are fixed by Florida Statute 30.231 as of July 1, 2009 and are nonrefundable.
  • As of July 25, 2007 the Sheriff's Office will only accept the following forms of payment for statutory civil process fees and levy deposits:
    • Cash
    • Money Order
    • Cashier's Check
    • Attorney's Check
    • Personal Check
  • Money Orders and checks should be made payable to "MCSO-Civil Division"
  • Special Process Server: The fees for being a Special Process Server are currently $100 to apply and $100 for annual renewal. Applications will only be accepted from January 1st until April 30th of each year. Contact Brittany Brown in the Civil Division at 305-809-3041 for more information or click here for an application.
  • Documents not properly issued, or those with incorrect fees or incorrect payee will be returned.
Civil Fees
Type of Service Cost of Service
All Summonses and Subpoenas:  Certified or  original court-sealed copy and copy with  attachments for each party to be served. F. S. 30.231(3). $40.00 for each party to be served.
Out-of State Non-enforceable Process: Monroe County Sheriff’s Office will serve the process per Florida Statutes unless an explicit letter of instructions or copy of other state’s return of service accompanies each document. $40.00 for each party to be served. For a notorized affidavit, a seperate check must be provided for an additional fee of $15.00.
Writ of Garnishment. $40.00 service fee
Writ of Replevin:  Description of property being seized, serial numbers/identifying numbers, address where property is located, copy of court order for issuance of Writ and copy of bond posted with court. Certified copy of Summons and copy for service. $40.00 for Summons and $90.00 for service of executing Writ.
Writ of Possession: Landlord/tenant or foreclosure, name and telephone number of landlord or authorized agent are required. Landlord or Agent must arrange for locksmith and be present when eviction is finalized. $90.00 for executing Writ.
Distress Writ: Service only $40.00 for each party served.
Writ of Attachment (Body): Court sealed copy and copy for service and description sheet with date of birth. $90.00 for executing Writ. Judge will assess incarceration fee at Court hearing.
Writ of Attachment (Property): Provide copy of bond posted with court, copy of court order for issuance or writ and levy instructions listing property being attached. Call for fees and cost deposit
Writ of Attachment (Real Estate): Must be accompanied by levy instructions with legal description and street address. $90.00 for execution Writ plus recording fees.
Levy Fees
Type of Levy Levy Deposit
Real Estate: Levy instructions must include legal description and street address Call for cost deposit.*
Vehicles: Must provide description of vehicle, tag and VIN numbers and address where vehicle can be found. $3,000.00 cost deposit
Assets of business: Must provide specific inventory of business assets. Call for cost deposit* (It varies depending on size and type of merchandise.)
Personal Assets: Provide specific inventory. May require a break order. Call for cost deposit.*
Jewelry or Stock Certificates: Defendant must voluntarily turn over inventory. Call for cost deposit*
Boats: Must provide location of boat, size, name of boat, Florida decal numbers or documentation number. Also advise whether boat is in or out of water. Call for cost deposit*

*Deposit amount depends on the specifics of each case.