To contact the Sheriff's Office training division, you may email Captain Penny Phelps, or call (305)292-7010.

The Sheriff’s Office Training Division is charged with providing both in-service training and advanced and specialized training in all areas of law enforcement.
The division works closely with Florida Keys Community College to provide instructors for ongoing law enforcement-related academies. Instructors from the Sheriff’s Office also work with the college to teach advanced courses such as line supervision, field training officer, intoxilyzer operator, radar operator, middle management, and instructor techniques workshops.

In-service courses are presented to personnel in order to maintain officer’s certification requirements. Many of these requirements are set by the state of Florida and other regulatory bodies. These courses include instruction in firearms, blood borne pathogens, hazardous materials, defensive tactics, chemical weapons, use of force, legal updates, impact weapons, emergency vehicle operation, ‘Verbal Judo” (tactical communications), first response to medical emergencies, domestic violence, juvenile and sex crimes, suicide prevention, and drug and alcohol recognition.

Support courses provided to all personnel in the Sheriff’s Office include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), personal safety / self awareness, and computer courses.

The records portion of the division maintains all employee training records as well as salary incentive and tuition information to provide required documentation for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for their annual audits.

Training Calendar, updated every Monday (pdf format)

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