Crime Statistics

For over 25 years, Monroe County has experienced a steady decline in the rate of Major Index Crimes. During that time period, major crimes have been reduced by more than 60%, making this county safer to live and work in. The Sheriff's Office is proud to have been a part of that crime reduction, and Sheriff Rick Ramsay gives credit for much of that decline to the hard working members of the Sheriff's Office team.

Without the citizens of Monroe County, however, the Sheriff's Office could not be as effective at fighting crime. It is the partnership between the citizens and law enforcement in the Florida Keys that makes the agency the professional agency that it is today. Programs such as Community Policing and Citizens Crime Watch encourage this cooperation. For more information, or to start a Crime Watch in your area, visit our Crime Prevention pages.

The Sheriff's Office reports crime statistics to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on a semi-annual and annual basis. To see Major Crime statistics, arrest statistics, and other criminally related statistics for the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, the City of Key West, and all counties and municipalities in the State of Florida, please visit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement web site at under "Crime Information". They provide detailed crime reports broken down by county and by municipality, along with arrest statistics and information about crime trends.

Click here to see crime data from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Click here to see crime data from the Federal Bureau of Investigations


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