For up to the minute telephone traffic reports, dial FDOT's 511 Traffic Center. Call 511 toll free from any phone, then dial 14* for reports on U.S. One in Monroe County.

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For other information about accidents and road closures, visit the following sites:

About WebCAD (Computer Aided Dispatching on the Web)

As calls come in to the Sheriff's Office Communications Center, they are entered into our computer system as active calls. The calls include the name of the person reporting the incident, the address and/or location of the incident, and the phone number of the caller. They also include descriptive information of the person/persons or vehicles involved, which officers are dispatched and the times sequence of the events as they happen. There is also a narrative portion of the call which is created by the dispatcher as  the event or incident evolves.

The Live WebCAD you will see on the web site includes the Incident, or CAD, number assigned to the call; the officers and/or emergency personnel dispatched to it; the time the incident was reported to the Sheriff's Office; the type of call it was when it came in to dispatchers (this is important because the nature of calls frequently change from the time they were reported to the time a deputy finishes with the call); and  the general location of the call. If the call is an accident that involves road closure and/or serious injury, you will see details at the bottom of the page, including how long the road is expected to be closed and which agency is investigating.

We have left out some information because the State of Florida protects it, for instance the identity of callers to 911 is protected, the names of sexual battery and child abuse victims are protected and the addresses of law enforcement officers, firefighters, state attorney's and judges are protected. We have left out the exact address of the call location due to officer safety reasons. And, we have left out the dispatcher's narrative of the events because many times, these notes turn out to be either inaccurate or erroneous due to their spontaneous nature, and they often use names and other identifying information which would not be considered a public record.