About the Traffic Enforcement Unit

***Be advised that School Zone Fines are DOUBLED***

Please contact Sergeant Greg Korzen, Supervisor of the Traffic Enforcement Unit at 305-289-2410 if you have any traffic concerns or wish to report any areas that require additional Traffic Enforcement attention.  If you have a traffic concern in the City of Key West please contact  the Key West Police Department at 305-809-1000.  Remember, speed kills!  Slow down and drive safely, don’t you become a highway statistic.

About the Traffic Enforcement Unit

Traffic unit

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For telephone traffic reports, dial FDOT's 511 Traffic Center. Call 511 toll free from any phone, then dial 14# for reports on U.S. One in Monroe County.

The Traffic Enforcement Unit enforces the traffic laws of the state of Florida and all traffic related Monroe County ordinances. The efforts of this unit ensure people traveling on the roadways of Monroe County stay as safe as possible.

The main highway, U.S. Highway One, stretches the entire length of Monroe County which makes the duties of the Traffic Enforcement Unit particularly crucial. Traffic accidents and other traffic issues can severely impact the flow of traffic in the Florida Keys and it is the duty of the unit to see such

interruptions happen as infrequently as possible.

All eight deputies in the Traffic Unit, under the direction of Sergeant Kevin Mimosa, are trained breath-test operators, radar and laser certified. The unit supports one drug recognition expert and maintains five Intoxilyzer 8000 instruments and inspectors as well as two specifically trained DUI units.

Some of the ancillary duties of the Traffic Enforcement Unit include:

If you have a traffic complaint in your neighborhood or a question regarding Florida Traffic Statutes or the Enforcement of Florida’s Traffic Laws in Monroe County please call the Monroe County Sheriff’s Traffic Enforcement Unit at (305) 289-2430 or send e-mail to Traffic Enforcement Sgt. Greg Korzen.



The Traffic Enforcement Unit currently maintains the following equipment:

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