Bomb Squad

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bomb in water

Sgt. Bobby Randolph in the water evaluating a military explosive device recovered offshore of the upper Keys.

bomb truckSheriff's Office Bomb Squad vehicle, purchased with funds from the Department of Homeland Security

Monroe County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad is fully accredited by the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation Bomb Data Center and the Bomb Squad Commanders Advisory Board. Click the emblem to see the Certificate of Accreditation.

The Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad is the only fully equipped explosives handling team in the Florida Keys. The squad is made up of three trained members who respond to any calls involving found explosives, bomb threats or suspicious packages.

Burn Unit
Thermal Destruction Unit
The Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad has state of the art equipment to handle dangerous situations and have, in the past, been called upon to dismantle home made explosive devices, destroy old dynamite, clear buildings of dangerous explosives, and search buildings, boats and other locations for possible explosives. 

With the help of a grant from the Department of Environmental Protection, the squad also has a Thermal Destruction Unit (burn unit) to destroy explosive materials safely. Prior to it's acquisition, a member of the Bomb Squad had to transport such items to Dade County for destruction.

Lt. Michael DiGiovanni is the Bomb Squad Leader. Captain Penny Phelps is the commander who heads up this unit.