MCSO Homeland Security

Current National Threat Level is elevated

The threat level
in the airline sector is
High or Orange.
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Identifying Possible Terrorist Activity

The incidents below DO NOT necessarily mean that the subjects are terrorist(s).
However, they may need further investigation by Law Enforcement.
DO NOT take action into your own hands.

Unusual Requests for Information Unusual requests for information can be a warning sign for terrorist activity.
• A Telephone request at work asking about the security system.
• Questions about the habits of your companies executives, employees, visitors
• A mail survey asking for comments on the habits of personnel
Unusual Interest in High Risk or Symbolic Targets
Unusual Activity Unusual Activity does not necessarily mean that terrorist activity is happening, but it does not hurt to be aware of:
• People acting furtively and suspiciously
• People avoiding eye contact
• People departing quickly when seen or approached
• People in places where they don't belong
• A strong odor coming from a building or vehicle
• An overloaded vehicle
• Fluid leaking from a vehicle, other than the engine or gas tank
• An unusual number of unrelated people living together
Avoiding Community Contact Not all people who maintain their privacy are terrorists. However people intent on performing illegal acts want to be left alone. They may:
• Not let you into their apartment or house without prior notice
• People acting furtively and suspiciously
• They will change their locks often
• Keep certain rooms off limits
• Cover tables and other pieces of furniture
• Never allow maids service in a hotel room
• Only take hotel room service outside the door
• Only accept deliveries at the hotel's front desk or outside their hotel room door
Although possibly legitimate, these are also techniques used by terrorists to gather information while planning an attack. DO NOT give out sensitive information unless you know the party you are talking to and they have a need for that information.
Large / Unusual / High Risk Deliveries Deliveries are a common method for terrorists to carry out attacks. Be aware of:
• A vehicle with hazardous material parked or driving in an inappropriate area
• Unusual deliveries of chemicals or fertilizer
• Unattended boxes or bags in public access areas
• Fire extinguishers that may have been moved or tampered with
• Unusual or unexpected mail
Unusual Purchases or Thefts Terrorists need supplies to carry out their attack and accomplish their goals. Pay Attention to purchases, rentals or thefts of:
• Police, security, public utility, mail carrier, or airline uniforms and equipment
• Explosives
• Weapons
• Ammunition
• Propane bottles
• Toxic chemicals
• Vehicles able/made to contain hazardous materials