M.C.S.O. General Orders


The General Orders are an official publication of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. The Orders are the manual that contains all the directives, procedures, and rules and regulations for all members of the Sheriff's Office. The full content of the General Orders are available below in both ADA compliant and PDF formats.

The General Orders are divided into sections. Click on a section header to see the chapters in each.

Directly below the General Orders are the Law Enforcement Directives. Click here to scroll down to these directives.

The written directives for the Bureau of Corrections are below the General Orders and Law Enforcement Directives. Click here to scroll down to these directives.

All Sheriff's Office members are responsible for becoming familiar and knowledgeable with the manual.

A PDF (downloadable) format is available for each General Order by clicking on the PDF symbol that follows each order.

You can also search through the General Orders and Corrections Directives using the search bar below.

This section contains addition directives for the Bureau of Law Enforcement.

The primary objective of the Bureau of Corrections is to provide for the public safety by maintaining care, custody, and control of those incarcerated in the Bureau of Corrections Facilities.

This manual is designed to provide correctional staff with a basic understanding of their roles, duties, and responsibilities and to enhance their professionalism. This manual is developed to comply with county and state mandates.