The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office  Records Division provides local background checks, copies of accident reports and event reports for incidents handled by the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. While we are happy to provide copies of all public documents, and those documents provided are official records of the Sheriff's Office, we do not "certify" any records.

If a report or incident was handled by another agency, for instance the Key West Police Department, Florida Highway Patrol, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, that agency should be contacted directly for copies of their public documents.

Records Request

You may request a copy of a record from the Sheriff's Office by calling the main Records Division in Key West at 305-292-7050, by sending an email request to the Records Division at, by filling out a Records Request Form and submitting it electronically or by FAX at 305-292-7074 or by contacting the individual substation which produced the document in question. Visit our Contacts page to obtain specific phone number and/or addresses of the various Sheriff's Office Substations in the Keys.

The Central Records Unit Supervisor is Heather Bennett. The Sheriff's Office Records Division Director is Jamie Denton. Any problems or questions you may have can be addressed to her email address at

Background checks

The fee for a background check is $10.00, we only accept cash (the exact amount), money order or business check NO personal checks.  You can obtain a local background check one of three ways:

When requesting a local only background check, you must include the following information about the individual for whom you are requesting the backgrounds check:

To get a background check for state of Florida you will need to contact Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Information on how to get a national background check, click on the link below  or contact the State Law Enforcement Agency (Bureau  of Investigation, State Police etc.) for the jurisdiction you are interested in.

Report Request

If you are requesting a copy of an accident report within 60 days of the incident, Florida law requires that you complete a Request for traffic crash report information form.

To request a copy of a police report by mail or in person, please fill out and return a Records Request Form, or provide the following information:

You can obtain a copy of a police report one of two ways:

  1. By mail.  Please include in your request the above stated information and a self addressed and stamped envelope, as well as a contact name and number in case there is a charge involved.  Send to:

    Monroe County Sheriffs Office
    Attn Central records
    5525 College Rd
    Key West, FL 33040

  2. In person.  Come by any of our records departments at Headquarters in Key West (the address listed above), or any of the substations in Marathon and Plantation Key. 

Special requests/extensive searches

If you need to request a large search of records please mail or fax in the request with all the information to be searched.  The fees will follow guidelines below. We will estimate the cost for research, paper and postage and inform you of our estimate. We will not begin any work until first payment has been received.  If during the research it takes more time, paper or postage you will be advised and the report will not be mailed until final payment is received.


Type of Report


Hourly Rate Employee Time First 15 minutes No Charge. $13.00 @ hour after 1st 15 minutes

Offense Reports


  Up to 10 pages

No charge

  10+ pages

$0.15 @ page above 10 pages



  CD, DVD, VHS or  Audio tape


  Mailing Cost




  Developed or not developed

Actual Cost

  Duplicate prints

Actual Cost



Crime Analysis Report


  Initial Report

$25.00 (advance for 1st hour)

  Additional Hour

$25.00 @ hour

  Report over 25 pages

$0.15 @ page above 25 pages

  Supervisor or additional
  Staff involvement

$25.00 @ hour



Up to 10 pages

$0.15 @ page

10+ pages

$0.30 @ page above 10 pages


Finger printing is done at the Jail in Key West, as well as some of our substations.  The hours for the Key West Jail are 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 am and 1:00p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The cost varies. Click here for more information.