Director Diana O'Dell

The Property and Evidence Division is where all the property and evidence collected in Monroe County is processed and stored until the final case disposition is received from the judicial system.  We receive property and evidence from different agencies throughout the Keys.  We work with the Florida Highway Patrol, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, State Attorney's Office, and Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement to name a few.

We take custody of many different types of property, including found / recovered property, laboratory evidence and trial evidence. 

With found and recovered property we search for the owner and return it if possible, including placing advertisements in local papers.  If we cannot find the owner, and determine we've done all we can do to locate him or her, we occasionally donate the prpoerty to different non-profit organizations throughout the Keys. We also auction items, turning the resulting money from the auction over to the County's General Fund.

Laboratory evidence is submitted to Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement. 

Trial evidence we process and store until the case is resolved and we receive a final disposition.

We have three offices throughout the Keys and four employees in our Division.