The primary objective of the Bureau of Corrections is to provide for the public safety by maintaining care, custody, and control of those incarcerated in the Bureau of Corrections Facilities.

This manual is designed to provide correctional staff with a basic understanding of their roles, duties, and responsibilities and to enhance their professionalism. This manual is developed to comply with county and state mandates.

This manual is intended to be incorporated in the training and promotional advancement process of the Bureau of Corrections employees.

This manual is intended to be responsive to the employees and inmates of the Bureau of Corrections.

Note: In an effort to make it easier to navigate these sometimes lengthy documents, the following pdf files are searchable by word or phrase.

Table of Contents (pdf version) - Some chapters are lengthy and are comprised of a number of different policies. For a breakdown of these chapters, and their contents, see the Table of Contents or the Index pages (see below).

Chapter 1 - Administration (pdf)

Chapter 2 - Admissions and Releases (pdf)

Chapter 3 - Classification (pdf)

Chapter 4 - Confinement and Discipline (pdf)

Chapter 5 - Inmate Communication (pdf)

Chapter 6 - Inmate Services (pdf)

Chapter 7 - Medical Services (pdf)

Chapter 8 - Security (pdf)

Chapter 9 - Transportation (pdf)

Chapter 10 - Post Orders (pdf)

Index (pdf version)