General Order






Prescription Drug Drop-Off Program




Mar 9, 2012


September 19, 2019







Sheriff of Monroe County






I.PURPOSE: The purpose of this directive is to establish guidelines for the collection and proper disposal of prescription drugs collected by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Prescription Drug Drop- Off Program.

II.POLICY: This directive will apply to all MCSO employees involved in the Prescription Drug Drop-Off Program to ensure the collection and disposal of all medications collected under the program will be processed and disposed of in accordance with Florida State Statutes Chapter 893, and MCSO policy.


A.Pharmaceutical drugs are drugs that are purchased legally from a pharmacist or dispensed by a licensed physician.

B.Illicitly manufactured controlled substance is any substance not legally obtainable by prescriptions or dispensary.


A.MCSO will provide, and maintain control of, five clearly marked lockboxes for citizens to dispose of pharmaceutical drugs in the following locations:

1.MCSO Headquarters 5525 College Rd Key West, FL 33040

2.Freeman Substation 20950 Overseas Highway Cudjoe Key, FL 33042

3.Marathon Substation

3103 Overseas Highway Marathon, FL 33050

4.Islamorada Substation 86800 Overseas Highway Islamorada, FL 33036

5.Roth Building

50 High Point Rd. Suite 100 Tavernier, FL 33070

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B.Pharmaceutical Drop-Off Instructions/Restrictions:

1.The boxes will be locked and securely mounted to prohibit the removal of the boxes or retrieval of the contents without a key.

2.Instructions will be posted above the boxes to assist citizens in the disposal process and to guide the citizens with acceptable types of pharmaceutical drugs to be deposited.

3.Citizens may deposit the unused medication into the boxes anonymously.

4.Syringes or any sharps are prohibited from being deposited in the boxes.

5.Open containers of liquid may not be deposited unless completely sealed.

6.No pill or capsule medication can be deposited into the box, unless in packaging, prescription bottle or container provided by MCSO.

7.The drop-off boxes are only for the public to dispose of their pharmaceutical drugs. If a deputy/investigator takes custody of found property drugs/pharmaceutical drugs from the public, they must submit the drugs into the Property and Evidence Division in person or place them in the overnight lockers. The deputy must seal and initial the drugs as evidence and complete a property receipt with an assigned offense case number.

C.Medication Collection:

1.The boxes will be keyed so that only authorized MCSO employees will be able to gain entry.

2.The property custodian or their designee and the district/station commander or their designee will maintain a key for the boxes.

3.Collection times will correspond to the hours the district offices are open to the public. The deposit boxes will be monitored by employees of MCSO while accessible to the public.

4.The district/station commander or their designee will remove the contents of the boxes on a monthly basis and place the medication into property/evidence according to agency policy.

5.The drugs will be destroyed in accordance with agency policy and applicable statutes.

6.The district/station commander or their designee will be responsible for writing the report of found property to document the contents removed from the boxes.

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