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January 30, 2015

Canadian man dies after dive offshore of Key Largo

A man from Ontario, Canada died Thursday after diving at French Reef offshore of Key Largo.

The dive vessel, called “Visibility” came in to John Pennekamp State Park shortly after 3 p.m. with CPR in progress on the 58 year old victim, James Leek. Paramedics took over at the dock, transporting Leek to Mariner’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The captain of the vessel told Deputy Jean Gonzalez they were diving at French Reef. The dive was about half an hour at 38 feet in depth. Leek was with a dive instructor in the water. The two men surfaced and Leek appeared to be fine. When they reached the boat’s ladder, Leek became unresponsive. He was loaded onto the boat and they began performing CPR immediately, bringing him in to shore.

An autopsy will be done to determine the cause of his death.

January 28, 2015

Two charged with gun threats

Two Marathon residents were arrested Tuesday, charged with threatening another man with a gun.

Deputy Orlando Alvarez responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle on Manor Lane Friday at 10 p.m. When he arrived, he found a truck along with two men and a woman who appeared to be friends. He also found two handguns on the scene – a .22 caliber Ruger pistol on the ground and an MK2 9 mm pistol in the truck. Both guns were loaded and the one in the truck had a round stuck as if it jammed upon firing.

All three subjects said they had no knowledge of the firearms and they said they were friends and had no problems between them. None of them had outstanding warrants and the guns were checked and were clear. There was a seize tag order on the truck. The tag was seized and the three were allowed to go.

The following day, Saturday, one of the men called and said he wanted to report being threatened with a gun. He said he didn’t report it the night before because he was afraid. He said the man and woman he’d been with the night before, whom he identified as 33 year old Nicole Rice and 26 year old Michael Ivens, had threatened him. He said they were angry at him because they said he was saying bad things about Rice.

He said before deputies arrived, he’d gotten into a confrontation with Ivens, who was wearing surgical gloves and had one of the handguns. He said they struggled over the gun. He said during the struggle, Ivens yelled to Rice, “shoot him.” He said Rice then pointed the second gun at him and pulled the trigger. He said the gun jammed and that is when deputies arrived on the scene.

On Sunday, the victim called the Sheriff’s Office again. He said he’d received threatening calls and text messages from Ivens. During a phone call he said Ivens thanked him for not reporting him, but said he was still going to shoot him. A text message from Ivens which he showed to deputies said “thank you, but I’m still going to shoot you.” He also received several threatening text messages from Rice which he showed to deputies.

Warrants were issued for Rice and Ivens, who were subsequently arrested Tuesday. Both were charged with aggravated assault, carrying concealed firearms and intimidating a witness.

Fingerprints identify motorcycle thief

A man from Doral, Florida who stole a motorcycle from Key West in August was arrested and charged with the crime Tuesday.

33 year old Eric Jimenez stole the Suzuki motorcycle from a Key West resident on August 25th. Key West Police issued a notice to be on the lookout for it that morning. Deputy William Daniels spotted it at the 62 mile marker northbound, but was unable to turn around to pursue it. He radioed other deputies and Deputy Rosary Ponce, on patrol in Islamorada, spotted it at the 73 mile marker. The motorcycle and driver fit the description given by KWPD. She began following and was backed up by Deputy Caridad Bellon.

The motorcycle appeared to be pulling over at Whale Harbor, but after looking back at the deputies, the driver sped up again, reaching speeds of 103 miles per hour. He finally pulled off the roadway at the 86 mile marker and ditched the motorcycle, fleeing on foot.

A search failed to turn up the driver. His fingerprints, however, were found on the motorcycle.

The prints were processed and were identified as belonging to Jimenez. A warrant was issued for his arrest. He was booked into jail Tuesday on charges of grand theft and two counts fleeing and eluding police.

January 26, 2015

Woman charged with fleeing deputy

A Key West woman failed to stop for a deputy in a marked patrol car. She was later found to have illegal prescriptions in her car, as well as identification cards for a number of different people she said she did not know.

A citizen called in a reckless driver at 1:30 p.m. Sunday after seeing a van swerving and driving very slowly just south of the Boca Chica Bridge. Deputy Lazaro Valdez was in the area and got behind the van, which he also saw swerving in the roadway. He turned on his lights and siren to stop the vehicle, but it continued southbound into the city of Key West.

Deputy Valdez could see the female driver looking into her side mirror at him, so he knew she was aware he was trying to pull her over. Instead of stopping, she continued at speeds of 5 – 10 miles per hour onto South Roosevelt Boulevard and onto Duck Avenue. She finally stopped in the 3700 block of Duck Avenue.

The driver was identified as 38 year old Lourdes Mena of Key West. Her driver’s license had been suspended six times for failure to pay traffic fines. She was arrested and charged with fleeing and attempting to elude police.

She had three pill bottles in her purse, two of which had another person’s name on them. The pill bottles contained Hydrocodone and Diazepam. She also had a driver’s license and several social security cards in other people’s names. She said she did not know who the people were.

She was further charged with fraudulent use or possession of another person’s identification, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and trafficking in a controlled substance. She was booked into jail.

Mississippi man charged with 2006 warrant

A Mississippi man was booked into jail Sunday, charged with a warrant for dealing in stolen property from 2006.

In November of 2006, the victim told deputies let 44 year old Frank Holland stay in a small apartment behind his Marathon home. He said he returned home after being out of town for a few days and found his rear sliding glass door ajar. His Rolex watch and some cash were missing from inside.

The victim went to the Cash Flow Pawn Shop in Marathon where he found his watch. He called the Sheriff’s Office to report the incident.

Investigations revealed Holland was the person who pawned the watch, receiving $150 in return for it. A warrant was issued for Holland’s arrest. On January 5th, the Sheriff’s Office received notification Holland had been picked up in Mississippi. He was returned to Monroe County to face the dealing in stolen property charge as well as an outstanding charge of violation of probation for possessing a false identification, driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia.

January 25, 2015

Woman attacked behind her home

An Islamorada woman said a man attacked her behind her apartment in the early morning hours today. When she asked the man why he was hitting her, he told her it was because he loved her.

The 63 year old victim told Deputy Josh Brady it was 12:30 a.m. when she heard a knocking noise at the back door of her apartment, which is in the vicinity of the 82 mile marker of U. S. One. She opened the door and found a man – later identified as 66 year old William Roberts of Tennessee. Roberts was wearing a sweater he had taken from her vehicle, which was parked just outside the door. The victim had never seen Roberts before and had no idea who he was.

Roberts had a stick in his hand and he began to beat her with it. When she asked why he was beating her, he told her it was because he loved her.

During her struggle to get away, the victim tore off the sweater he was wearing. He reportedly had nothing else on besides a pair of white underwear. At that point, Roberts backed away from her allowing her run back inside her apartment and lock the door.

Sgt. Ralph Williams found Roberts a short distance away. He was arrested. He was charged with aggravated battery and burglary of a vehicle and he was booked into jail.

January 21, 2015

Key Largo man charged with multiple attempted murder counts

A Key Largo man who beat his wife with the stock of a shotgun then shot repeatedly at law enforcement officers is in custody at the Monroe County Detention Center.

57 year old Robert Schminky has been charged with attempting to murder his wife, three counts of attempting to murder law enforcement officers, aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, discharging a firearm in public and fleeing and eluding a law enforcement officer.

Deputies Angelina Lubin and Diosvel Fumero responded to 52 Buttonwood Drive in Key Largo just before midnight after receiving a call about a domestic dispute involving a firearm. When they arrived, they could hear a woman’s voice calling for help. They found Schminky in the front yard of his home. He was walking away from the deputies and failed to comply with their orders to stop. That is when they saw he had a shotgun in his hands, pointing it at the ground. They ordered him to drop the weapon, but he fired it twice into the ground, then got into a white Lexus and drove away from the scene.

His wife, Honour Schminky, was found covered in blood in the front yard of the home. She had been severely beaten. She later told detectives he beat her repeatedly with the stock of the shotgun. The stock of the shotgun was broken during the beating. She sustained severe injuries including a broken arm, a broken wrist, broken ribs, a head injury and other internal injuries. She later told detectives she believes he would have killed her if deputies had not arrived when they did.

Sgt. Sydney Whitehouse pursued the Lexus northbound on U.S. One, then onto State Road 905. Suddenly, at Valois Drive, the suspect did a U-turn and, as he passed the patrol car in the other direction, he fired a gun at the sergeant who returned fire from his vehicle.

Sgt. Whitehouse turned around and continued the pursuit southbound, back to Highway U.S. One where the suspect pulled into the parking lot of the Circle K store at that location. Florida Highway Patrol Trooper C. Gracey was in her marked car in the parking lot. Schminky rammed the trooper’s car with his Lexus, then fired several gunshots into her vehicle. Sgt. Whitehouse got out of his patrol car to take a tactical position to engage the suspect. He heard a gunshot and felt pain in his upper right leg. A bullet from the suspect had grazed his leg. Trooper Gracey sustained a minor arm injury from the collision.

Schminky then pulled out of the parking lot southbound. Deputy Nestor Argote pursued him to Saint Justin Church at the 105 mile marker of the highway where the suspect pulled off the highway. Schminky pointed his gun at Deputy Argote, who fired several shots at him. Schminky fled the area on foot with deputies chasing him. He dropped his weapon along the way. He was apprehended by Deputy Argote and Detective Barney Sajdak.

Investigations revealed a Smith and Wesson .44 magnum revolver with six fired shell casings in the suspect’s vehicle. Six .40 caliber fired shell casings were also found in the car and the gun dropped by the suspect when he fled on foot was a .40 caliber Springfield semi-automatic handgun.

Schminky was transported to the plantation key jail and later transferred to the Key West jail where he is currently being held.

January 15, 2015

Four transported after Big Pine trailer fire

A fire at a trailer park on Big Pine Key sent four people to the hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation.

Deputies Nancy Roberts and Donald Stulken and Sgt. Evan Calhoun responded to Seahorse Campground just before 10 p.m. to a report of a trailer fire at lot #101. Callers said they thought someone was inside the trailer.

When deputies arrived, smoke was coming from the residence. A neighbor, George Shaia, had already entered the trailer and Sgt. Calhoun and Deputy Stulken followed, pulling an unresponsive 53 year old Robin Grabey out of the trailer.

Firefighters and paramedics arrived a short time later. They extinguished the fire and paramedics treated both deputies, Shaia and Grabey. All four were then transported to area hospitals for further treatment of smoke inhalation. The deputies and Grabey went to Lower Keys Hospital and Shaia to Fishermen’s.

Both state and county Fire Marshals responded to the scene and will be investigating the cause of the blaze.

January 14, 2015

Search warrant leads to drug arrest

A drug-related search warrant was served on Friday morning at a residence in Key Largo. 

Detectives from the Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit, along with agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) served the warrant at 11 North Ocean Drive, in Key Largo at 11:40 a.m.  Inside the residence Detectives found 18 year old Taylor James.

A search of the residence turned up over 544 grams of marijuana, most of which was found in a closet in the residence. Detectives also found drug paraphernalia including a digital scale, a grinder, rolling papers and other items. A suspected hand grenade was also found; it was removed and turned over to ATF for further investigation.

Taylor Lee James was charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was also charged with two outstanding warrants for the sale and possession of marijuana. 

January 13, 2015

Expired tags lead to drug arrest

Deputies arrested two on Big Pine Key Monday on drug charges after seeing expired tags on their utility trailer.

Deputy Linda Kohout was on patrol at 10:30 a.m. when she spotted the utility trailer pulled by a vehicle on Ships Way, Big Pine Key. The tag on both the trailer and the 2006 Hyundai were both expired. The driver could not produce his license or the registration for the car or trailer.

Deputy Danielle Malone and her K-9 Tracer arrived to back up Deputy Kohout. Tracer alerted on the vehicle indicating drugs were inside.

A search turned up 67 grams of marijuana, Oxycodone for which neither person in the car had a prescription and several items of drug paraphernalia.

33 year old David Lucia of Virginia and 30 year old Amber Nolan of Big Pine Key were both arrested. They were both charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of a felony amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Traffic stop leads to trafficking in cocaine arrests

After two men in a sport utility vehicle passed Deputy Thomas Hill on U. S. One in Marathon Monday at 10 p.m. he pulled them over speeding. They wound up in jail for a large amount of cocaine found in their vehicle.

Deputy Hill first noticed the 2014 red Dodge Journey as it tailgated his unmarked patrol car southbound at 53rd Street. It then passed him and he measured its speed at 52 in a 45 mile per hour zone. He pulled it over.

When the driver rolled down the window, the deputy saw a gun on the floorboards between the driver’s feet. He called for backup. Sgt. Chuck Kellenberger arrived and the officers removed the two men from inside the vehicle. The gun was a loaded Sig Sauer 9mm handgun.

In plain view in the car, the officers found 38 grams of cocaine – both crack and the powdered form of the drug. The cocaine was packaged in individual bags, as if for sale.

The driver, 32 year old Micheller Cenatus of Stock Island and the passenger, 27 year old Whendid Estinfil of Miami were both arrested and charged with trafficking in cocaine. Cenatus was also charged with possession of cocaine after a small amount was found in his pocket and with possession of a weapon while committing a felony. Estinfil initially gave the officers a false name. He was correctly identified by his fingerprints when he reached the jail. A check on his real name revealed three felony warrants from Miami-Dade County. He was further charged with those warrants and with giving the officers a false name.

January 11, 2015

Miami man arrested after stealing boat trailer

Thanks to the sharp eyes of a citizen, a Miami man was arrested Saturday night after stealing a boat trailer with a dinghy on it from Marathon.

Two women were in the area of All Keys Glass in Marathon, near 92nd Street, shortly after 9 p.m. They saw a large dually pickup truck pull up the business and a man hook up to a boat trailer parked there. One of the women knew who the trailer belonged to and asked the man if he bought the trailer from the owner. The man – later identified as 26 year old  Alex Luis of Miami – did not reply to her and drove away with the trailer, which had a dinghy on it.

The women called the trailer owner who said no one had permission to take his trailer. He told the women to call the Sheriff’s Office. A notice to be on the lookout was issued over police radios. Deputy Orlando Alvarez was on patrol and spotted the truck pulling the stolen trailer northbound at the 61 mile marker. He got behind the truck and followed it until Sgt. Ralph Williams was available to help him with the traffic stop. The two officers pulled the vehicle over at the 80 mile marker of the highway.

The trailer was confirmed as the one stolen from Marathon. Luis was placed under arrest. Inside the truck – a 1999 Ford F350 – a search turned up bolt cutters, a sledge hammer and a pair of gloves. The truck was seized for possible forfeiture. Luis was charged with grand theft and possession of burglary tools and he was booked into jail.

Further investigation revealed a man who lives on Summerland Key caught a man driving a large dually truck trying to steal his boat trailer earlier in the evening. When he confronted the man, he fled. The trailer’s owner managed to get a license tag number. The tag number he gave deputies was the same as on the truck driven by Luis. Luis was further charged with trespassing on the man’s property and with attempting to steal his trailer.

January 10, 2015

Men steal flatbed trailer using semi-truck

Two men from Hialeah drove a semi- truck to Marathon and used it to steal a large flatbed trailer. They were caught as they left with it northbound, through Islamorada.

The trailer was a 48 foot flatbed with a forklift on it parked across from Fred’s Beds in Marathon. A friend of the trailer’s owner saw two men hooking it up to a semi-truck at about 10:15 p.m. Friday. He approached them and told them the trailer belonged to Global Disaster Recovery and that he is friends with the owner of the business. The two men told him they were supposed to take the trailer to the weigh station, and they left with it northbound.

The witness called the owner and told him what he’d seen. The owner called the Sheriff’s Office to report his trailer stolen.

A notice to be on the lookout for the trailer was issued over police radios. Deputy Donald Stulken was southbound working an escort detail and spotted the truck and trailer as it passed him. He notified other deputies of its location. Deputy Nick Whiteman was at the 70 mile marker of the highway and pulled in behind the truck as it passed him.

He and other deputies stopped the truck at the 79 mile marker and confirmed it was pulling the stolen trailer. Driving the truck was the truck’s registered owner, 37 year old Agustin Rodriguez of Hialeah. His passenger was identified as 35 year old Dayro Alonso, also of Hialeah.

Both men were arrested and charged with grand theft. The semi-truck was seized for possible forfeiture for its use in the commission of a felony.

January 8, 2015

Information from Florida Highway Patrol on their search for a hit and run vehicle that killed a man Saturday on Big Pine Key:

On Saturday 1-3-2015 at approximately 10:33 PM a 2003-2008 Toyota Matrix was traveling eastbound on 1st Street towards Avenue A. This suspect vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian and fled the scene traveling southbound on Avenue A. The Toyota is missing a passenger side front fender, inner panel. If someone you know drives one of these vehicles and you haven’t seen this vehicle since the date of the crash, notify law enforcement. Anyone with knowledge of this suspect vehicle, please contact FHP Cpl. Fisher at 305-470-2500.

Rockland Key man charged with false imprisonment

A Rockland Key man held his girlfriend against her will and broke her cell phone to keep her from calling for help, according to arrest reports by deputies.

Deputy Josh Gordon was on patrol when he stopped to help a motorist trying to change a tire at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the 22 mile marker of the highway. As the deputy spoke with 22 year old Robert Rupp, he noticed a woman sitting in the back seat of the car who appeared to be in distress. Rupp told Deputy Gordon it was his girlfriend and they’d been in an argument.

Deputy Gordon asked the woman to exit the car and speak to him. When she did, she motioned toward his patrol car asking if she could get in to the car. She told the deputy Rupp was her boyfriend and she was trying to get away from him. She said he’d taken her phone from her and had broken it.

Sgt. Trevor Wirth arrived on the scene to back up Deputy Gordon. Deputy Wirth stayed with the victim while Deputy Gordon spoke with Rupp, who admitted he had been driving and he did not have a valid driver’s license. A check on his name revealed an outstanding warrant for violation of probation. He was arrested.

The victim told Sgt. Wirth the two were arguing on Crane Boulevard and she tried to get out of the car, but he wouldn’t let her. She said Rupp drove home to Rockland Key and pulled her out of the car, throwing her to the ground. She said a neighbor was watching, so Rupp forced her back into the vehicle and began driving northbound. At one point, she said he hit a barricade, causing damage to the side of the car and causing the flat tire. She said when she tried to call for help on her cell phone, he broke it.

Rupp was charged with false imprisonment and battery in addition to the outstanding warrant. He was booked into jail.

Second arrest in boat theft from last year

A second man involved in stealing a boat in June of 2014 was booked into the Monroe County jail on Wednesday.

The boat and trailer were stolen and recovered in the early morning hours of June 14, 2014 when a sharp eyed deputy stopped a truck towing a boat on a trailer because the trailer had no functioning tail lights.

The truck was northbound from the 97 mile marker in Key Largo at 3:45 a.m. when Deputy Vaughn O’Keefe stopped it. He further noticed the license tag had duct tape on it obscuring the numbers and that the trailer appeared to have been attached to the truck in a hurry because the tow chains and wiring harness were not connected.

He found the driver of the Chevrolet truck, 38 year old Giovanny Lluis of Miami, had a suspended driver’s license so he arrested Lluis. Further investigation by Detective Sgt. Mark Coleman later in the day led to the identification of the boat’s owner, who lives in Miami. The owner said he keeps his boat in Key Largo and no one had permission to take it. He said the 2003 26 foot Hydra Sport with twin 200 HP engines on it is valued at $30,000.

Detectives seized the truck and obtained a search warrant to look inside. They found bolt cutters, screw drivers, pliers, gloves and other items believed to have been used during the course of the boat theft.

Lluis was further charged with grand theft and driving with license suspended.

A second man in the truck, Edwin Santiago, had a lock in his pocket which appeared to have been cut. It was a lock consistent with those used to lock boat trailers. He was released at the scene, but detectives continued to investigate the case. During the course of the investigation, the owner of the boat produced keys that fit the lock found in Santiago’s possession.

A warrant was issued for his arrest and on Wednesday, he was charged with possession of burglary tools, burglary of a vehicle, grand theft and criminal mischief.

January 7, 2015

Miami man, visiting family, caught burglarizing vehicles

A Miami man who visited family in Key Largo in November was caught by several people burglarizing vehicles in the neighborhood in which he was staying.

When Deputy Matt Koval responded to a home on Little Miss Muffet Lane on the morning of November 2nd he met with two women who said they were on their balcony at 3:20 a.m. when they heard someone walking around. They looked over the railing and saw a man – later identified as 21 year old Raymond Nunez - on their property. They could see him leaning into one of their vehicles as if getting something from inside. A golf cart was parked in front of the home.

As they watched, a car pulled up and a couple got out. They had a conversation with Nunez and then Nunez left on the golf cart and the couple left as well. The following morning, they checked their vehicle and discovered medication, a wallet and makeup was missing from inside. They then spoke to a neighbor across the street who said his vehicle was also burglarized. He had a surveillance video which showed Nunez’ activities.

Deputy Koval located the car which had been seen the night before, pulling up when Nunez was there. It was parked in the neighborhood, on Humpty Dumpty Lane. The owner of the car said her son had seen Nunez the night before going through her car. She said he stole money from the car. She said she and her son confronted Nunez, asking what he was doing. They questioned him and he told them he was staying with family in the neighborhood. They told him if he didn’t give their money back they would call police. He gave the money back and they let him go.

A search of the surrounding neighborhood turned up a golf cart matching the one Nunez was driving parked at a home on Tweety Pie Lane. The owner of the house identified the suspect deputies were looking for as her grandson, Nunez. In garbage cans near the golf cart, deputies found some of the items stolen from burglarized vehicles.

A warrant was obtained for the arrest of Nunez. On Tuesday, he was booked into jail for three counts burglary of a vehicle and for counts theft.

A reminder: if you see someone acting suspiciously in your neighborhood, call the Sheriff’s Office immediately. Don’t wait until the next day and don’t try confronting the person yourself. In this particular instance, if we had received a call right way, we may have been able to apprehend the suspect as he was perpetrating his crimes and prevented some of these crimes from taking place.

January 6, 2015

More marine related thefts/burglaries

Deputies continued taking reports and detectives keep investigating marine related thefts in the middle and lower Keys. The Sheriff’s Office is encouraging anyone who has a boat or diving and fishing equipment to take time to make sure their property is as secure and safe as possible.

“We are working all of these cases hard,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay. “But we need the help of our partners out there in the community. Secure your property; watch out for suspicious people in your neighborhood on land or on the water. Call us immediately if you see someone who doesn’t belong there. Someone out there knows something about this and we want to hear from anyone who thinks they have anything relevant that might help us with these cases.”

January 5, 2015

GPS and other items stolen from boats in the Lower and Middle Keys

Boats were burglarized Lower and Middle Keys over the weekend.

Detectives are investigating all of these cases, but this should serve as a reminder that any expensive electronics or other equipment left on board a boat is vulnerable to theft. Such equipment is very difficult to secure when left on board and thieves travel by land and by water looking for opportunities to take such items. If you can, have electronics installed so they can be easily removed when you leave your vessel. If you can’t do that, then install good lighting and surveillance equipment which will either deter thieves or at least capture them on video if they do burglarize your vessel. There are some types of marine alarm systems that are available as well.

Diver still missing after Vandenberg dive

An Illinois man is still missing after he went diving on the Vandenberg wreck offshore of Key West on Saturday.

53 year old James Bakazan of Woodstock, Illinois went missing shortly after 10 a.m. The U.S. Coast Guard, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office have all searched for him using boats, aircraft and the Sheriff’s Office dive team. He has not yet been located.

Bakazan was visiting Key West on vacation. He was on board the vessel Dream operated by Lost Reef Adventures out of Key West. He and four other divers entered the water to dive the stern of the Vandenberg. The other divers told Major Crimes Detective Vince Weiner they all descended, but Bakazan suddenly did a rapid ascent without giving any distress signals or any indications he was having trouble. Those left on board the boat saw him surface and sent someone out in the water to assist him, but as that person was approaching Bakazan he submerged and they lost sight of him and he could not be found after that.

January 4, 2015

Man arrested for knife threats

A Marathon man was arrested Saturday night for breaking in to his girlfriend’s residence, holding a knife to her throat and threatening to kill her.

Deputies David Lopez and Garrett Bragg were called to a trailer in Trailerama Trailer Park just before 11 p.m. When they arrived they could hear screaming coming from the trailer. They entered and found the suspect, 35 year old Yandri Lopez Macaya, on top of the 39 year old victim. He was pulled off of her and handcuffed.

The victim told the deputies he came to her trailer and pounded on the door. She said she could tell he’d been drinking so she locked the door. She said she was afraid, so she locked herself in the bathroom and called 911 for help.

The suspect broke the front window to get inside. He armed himself with a kitchen knife, then forced his way into the bathroom and held the knife to her throat, telling her he was going to kill her.

She said he punched her several times and choked her. That is when deputies arrived on the scene. The victim had injuries visible on her neck, face and arms. Lopez Macaya was charged with aggravated assault, burglary with battery on the occupant and criminal mischief. He was booked into jail.

January 3, 2015

Man arrested for gun threats

A 40 year old Key Largo man was arrested today charged with threatening to kill his girlfriend and child at their home on Thursday night.

A neighbor on La Paloma Road in Key Largo called the Sheriff’s Office just before midnight January 1st. She said a male neighbor was outside, across the street with a gun threatening to shoot himself. She told dispatchers a small child was also outside witnessing the incident. Dispatchers could hear over the phone a woman screaming and a child crying.

When deputies arrived, the suspect – Matthew Pybus – had left on a bicycle taking a gun with him. The victim and her 7 year old daughter were still present. His girlfriend said Pybus had been drinking all day at a local bar. She said she picked him up and, when he got home, he started a confrontation with her and with their child.

During the course of the confrontation, he pulled out a handgun and threatened to shoot them and shoot himself. The victim said he pointed the gun at them several times. She attempted to flee from the residence taking her phone to call for help. He grabbed the phone from her and would not allow her to call police. She then grabbed their child and got into their vehicle in an attempt to flee, but he followed continuing to threaten them with the gun. At one point, while in the house, he fired the gun once, shooting a hole in the ceiling.

A warrant was issued for Pybus’ and he was located today and placed under arrest. He was charged with two counts aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, improper exhibition of a firearm, shooting a missile in a dwelling and obstruction of justice and he was booked into jail.

Father and son arrested in confrontation with deputies

A father and son from Marathon were arrested Friday night after they fought with deputies responding to a noise complaint.

Deputies Garrett Bragg and David Lopez responded to the home on Manor Lane at 11:30 p.m. after neighbors complained about loud music. The deputies could hear music coming from the house from several houses away. Deputy Bragg recognized the address as one deputies frequently are called to. He also recognized the man who answered the door – 56 year old Orlando Alo De Paula – as a man who has made past threats to shoot law enforcement officers.

As soon as Alo answered the door, the deputies attempted to explain they were just there to ask him to turn down the music. Alo interrupted and began yelling at them, telling them in obscene language to get off his property and that he didn’t care about his neighbors. As the confrontation continued and escalated, Alo threatened to throw Deputy Bragg off the balcony and, at one point, grabbed his arm and threatened to “knock you down.”

Alo’s son – 25 year old Tommy Alo – attempted to calm his father who continued to yell and scream at the deputies.

When Deputy Bragg finally attempted to take the father into custody, the father struggled and fought. At one point he broke away and opened a drawer full of knives and reached into the drawer as if he were going to grab one to attack the deputies.

As Deputy Bragg was attempting to put him in handcuffs, the son intervened, pushing Deputy Bragg who then used his Taser to subdue the son. The father at one point grabbed a wine bottle and threw it at Deputy Bragg, missing him by inches.

Both Alos were finally taken into custody. As deputies drove the father to jail, he threatened multiple times to shoot and kill law enforcement officers when he was released. He struggled with detention deputies at the jail and was placed into a restraint chair to protect himself and others from injury.

Orlando Alo was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, three counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence.

Tommy Alo was charged with resisting arrest without violence.

Both men were booked into jail.