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August 24, 2006

Marathon man charged with lewd acts with a minor

Marathon - A Marathon man was arrested Thursday for committing lewd acts on a young girl.

The 10 year old girl called her mother during school last week and asked her to pick her up early. She then told her mother that 42 year old Terrance Howard had fondled her and attempted to rape her.. The mother reported the information to the Sheriff's Office. After further investigation, Detective Manuel Cuervo with the Crimes Against Women and Children's Unit obtained a warrant for Howard's arrest.

On Thursday, Howard was charged with lewd and lascivious molestation of a girl under the age of 12 and he was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center. Bond on the warrant was set at $100,000.00.

Traffic enforcement operation in Marathon

A Traffic enforcement operation set up at the south end of Marathon Wednesday slowed down some speeding drivers and should serve as a reminder to everyone to pay attention to their speedometers.
In a three hour period, traffic enforcement deputies issued 42 citations for speeding in the 35 mile per hour zone, and issued 17 other types of citations as well. The same afternoon, within 45 minutes during the afternoon, deputies issued 7 speeding citations in the school crossing zone in front of Stanley Switlik Elementary School.
"We will be having these special enforcement operations throughout the Keys in coming weeks, at unannounced times and in various locations. This is a reminder to pay attention to the speed limit signs on our highway, and in particular, pay attention to school zones," said Traffic Enforcement Sgt. Kevin Mimosa. For those not paying attention, the result could be a costly speeding citation.

August 23, 2006

Islamorada man charged with sexual batter on five year old girl

Islamorada - A 57 year old Islamorada man has been charged with committing sexual battery multiple times on a five year old girl.

The incidents took place between November of 1998 and July of 1999 at a residence belonging to 57 year old Jeffrey Frye. The victim, who is now 12 years old, told Detective Linda Mixon she visited Frye during that time with her father and stayed there numerous times. She said on a number of occasions Frye was alone with her inside his house, which was under construction. She said he fondled her and had sexual relations with her. She was five years old at the time. She said she didn't tell her parents at the time because Frye told her to keep it a secret.

Frye was arrested Tuesday and charged with an outstanding warrant for sexual battery on a child under 12 years of age. Bond was set at $150,000.00.

Spikes used to stop reckless driver

Big Pine Key - Deputies used Stinger Spikes to stop a vehicle fleeing northbound through Big Pine Key and onto the Seven Mile Bridge shortly before midnight Tuesday.

Deputy Michael Claudy was stationary at the Big Pine Key Post Office when he spotted the green Dodge Neon speed by him northbound. He pulled out and turned on his lights and siren. He initially clocked the vehicle doing 80 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone. As he continued to follow the car, it sped up at times traveling at up to 115 miles per hour. He saw the car on several occasions swerve into the southbound lane to pass other vehicles, almost driving oncoming vehicles off the road. He radioed for assistance and deputies in Marathon prepared to deploy the Stinger Spike system at the north end of the Seven Mile bridge.

The spikes were thrown in front of the car and both front tires were punctured. The car came to a stop just a short distance further along the road. The driver was identified as 24 year old Sheila Jones of Davie, Florida. In the car with her was her 18 year old boyfriend. The car Jones was driving belonged to her mother.

When deputies asked her why she was fleeing from them she said she took her mother's car without permission and thought her mother had reported it stolen. Jones was charged with reckless driving and fleeing and eluding police and she was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center.

August 21, 2006

Woman charged with contributing to delinquency of minors

Stock Island - A 37 year old Stock Island woman was arrested Friday evening for contributing to the delinquency of two teenaged boys.

Deputy Brian Luth was on patrol just before 9 p.m. when he pulled in to the parking lot of the Tom Thumb store on Maloney Avenue, Stock Island. He saw a woman sitting in a pickup truck. One of the brake lights wasn't working, so he approached the truck. As he approached, he heard two teenage boys inside arguing. One boy said, "My blunt is going to be bigger than yours." The other boy replied, "No, mine is going to be bigger." A blunt is the street name for a cigar which is cut open, the tobacco is removed, and marijuana is inserted inside.

Deputy Luth continued to stand beside the truck and watch as the boys rolled the blunts. After about three minutes, the 37 year old woman in the driver's seat, Kimberly Todora, turned around and saw him. She exclaimed, "Holy s$%*&t, how can I help you, officer?"

Deputy Evan Calhoun arrived as back up. Todora was arrested and charged with contributing to the delinquency of minors. The two 15 year old boys said Todora was the one who bought them the cigars. They were given notices to appear in court for possession of marijuana and they were turned over to the custody of their grandparents, who came to the scene to pick them up.

Ride to Miami turns violent

Plantation Key - A ride to Miami turned violent just after midnight Saturday at the Marlin food store at the 88.5 mile marker of the highway.

The victim, a 43 year old man from Miami, told Deputy Paul Kupke he paid 48 year old Kevin Quade, of Big Pine Key, $50 to drive him to Miami. He, Quade and two other men and a woman were en route to Miami when Quade suddenly pulled over at the 88.5 mile marker and demanded more money. The victim refused to pay him more. Quade demanded he get out of the vehicle, but the victim refused unless he got his money back. Quade forcefully pulled the victim from the truck. The victim grabbed the keys and a fight ensued. Quade tried to hit him with a hammer, then grabbed a crow bar and hit the victim on the side with it. While Quade was struggling with the victim, another man, 44 year old Sam Lospinoso, grabbed jewelry from around the victim's neck and from his wrist.

The victim was left at the Marlin store, and the vehicle with the four remaining occupants left southbound. The victim called the Sheriff's Office to report the incident. A notice to be on the lookout for the vehicle was put out over police radios. It was stopped at the 45 mile marker of the highway. Inside, a search turned up the victim's belongings, along with a small amount of marijuana and cocaine. Quade and Lospinoso were both arrested. Quade was charged with robbery, aggravated battery, possession of marijuana and cocaine. Lospinoso was charged with robbery. They were both booked at the Monroe County Detention Center. The other two people in the truck were not reported to be involved in the incident and they were interviewed and released.


August 16, 2006

Plantation Key man faces reckless driving, other charges

Plantation Key - A Plantation Key man faces charges of fleeing and eluding police, drunk driving, resisting arrest and driving with with his license suspended.

Sgt. Tom Kiffney was sitting stationary in his patrol car at the 85 mile marker just after 4 a.m. today when he saw a Nissan pickup truck pull out of the parking lot of a bar. The truck ran two stop signs, then pulled southbound onto Highway U.S. One right in front of a tractor trailer truck. The truck had to slam on it's brakes and swerve to avoid hitting the pickup. Sgt. Kiffney turned on his lights and siren and attempted to pull the pickup over, but the driver, 45 year old Shawn Johnson, refused to stop. He was traveling 78 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone and, at one point, was driving southbound in the northbound lane. Johnson swerved off the highway onto the old highway. Deputy Patrick Crozier was parked near Coral Shores High School with his emergency equipment activated, but Johnson failed to stop at that point as well, continuing on to Ocean Shores Drive where he pulled into the driveway of a house.

Johnson, who had the window of his car down, refused to acknowledge the officers as they ordered him to get out of the car. They finally had to open the door and forcibly pull him out onto the ground. He then refused to take his hands out from underneath his body, and struggled with the officers as they handcuffed him. According to Sgt. Kiffney, he smelled of alcohol. A check on his name revealed multiple suspensions of his driver's license and five convictions for drunk driving since 1984.

Johnson was placed under arrest and charged with fleeing and eluding police, resisting arrest, driving under the influence of alcohol, and driving with his license suspended. He was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center.

August 15, 2006

Pembroke Pines man dies offshore of Key Largo

Key Largo - A Pembroke Pines man died in the waters off of Key Largo Friday afternoon in what appears to be an accidental drowning.

45 year old David Alarcon was on board a boat, anchored off shore with his father and his 19 year old son. He dove into the water just after 1 p.m. and was having trouble swimming against the current to get back to the boat. His son attempted to assist him by jumping in as well, but also had trouble swimming against the current, barely making it back to the boat himself. Alarcon's father first unsuccessfully attempted to throw him a floatation, then device had trouble starting the boat to go after his son. He finally got it started and began searching for him. A nearby vessel pulled Alarcon from the water. Members of the U.S. Coast Guard arrived on the scene attempted Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, but discontinued when it became obvious he was not responding.

Alarcon's body was transported to Ocean Reef where he was pronounced dead by responding Paramedics. An autopsy will be done to determine the cause of his death, but according to reports by Homicide investigator Mark Coleman, Alarcon showed signs of possible drowning.

August 14, 2006

Sugarloaf man makes gun threats

Sugarloaf Key - A Sugarloaf Key man is under arrest after making threats with a handgun.

Hostage negotiators had to talk 52 year old Henry Bomia into surrendering to officers peacefully after he threatened to kill his upstairs neighbor with a handgun Friday night, and fired a round from the gun. After the shot was fired, he retreated into his home on Crane Boulevard and refused to comply with orders to come out.

According to witnesses, Bomia came outside of his downstairs apartment just after 9 p.m. with a handgun. He made threats to "kill everyone" in the upstairs apartment, and fired a shot from the gun. A next door neighbor said he heard the shot and came outside, confronting Bomia. At that time, he said he saw the gun and heard Bomia make the threats. The upstairs neighbor, and the victim of the threats, also said he saw Bomia with the gun, and heard him make threats. They both said after the threats, Bomia went back inside his apartment.

When Deputies Marc Maison and Michael Claudy arrived, they attempted contact with Bomia by knocking on the door. The witnesses told the officers that Bomia had a roommate, and that the roommate was inside the apartment as well, but no one answered the door. About ten minutes later, the lights went out in the house. The Special Weapons and Tactics Team was called to the scene, along with members of the Hostage Negotiation Team. Hostage Negotiators Sgt. Bobby Randolph and Deputy Luis Blasco both attempted to talk with Bomia. Sgt. Randolph was finally able to reach Bomia on his phone and, after almost an hour of talking with him, finally convinced him to surrender peacefully.

A search of the home turned up the handgun, hidden in the rafters of his bedroom closet. Bomia was charged with aggravated assault and he was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center.

Man arrested for driving golf cart on U.S. One while intoxicated

Marathon - A Fort Myers man was arrested late Thursday after he was caught driving a golf cart on the highway while drunk.

Deputy Johnny Perez was on patrol just before midnight Thursday when he spotted the golf cart, with no headlights, traveling southbound in the right hand lane of highway U.S. One. He pulled the cart over, and the driver, 38 year old Christopher Weber, got out, walked to the front of the golf cart and threw his hands up in the air. Deputy Perez ordered him to produce his driver's license and registration. Weber failed to follow the order, instead continuing to keep his hands in the air. Weber told the officer he was not a criminal and he just wanted to go to bed. Weber showed obvious signs of intoxication, so the deputy told him to go back to the golf cart and to sit down before he fell down and hurt himself.

After further questioning, Weber admitted to being at the Hurricane Bar drinking with friends. He said his friends told him he was old and couldn't keep up drinking with them. Weber said he tried several times to leave and they wouldn't drive him home so he just took the golf cart, which was parked outside the bar, and decided to drive himself home.

The owner of the golf cart was located and said he would not press charges against Weber for stealing the cart - he just wanted it back. Weber was charged with reckless driving and he was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center.

Stock Island man charged with fleeing from officers, and with fleeing from accident scene

Stock Island - A Stock Island man was arrested in the early morning hours Sunday after he fled from a deputy, got into an accident, then fled on foot from the accident scene.

Deputy Kristina Parisi was on patrol just before 1 a.m. when she spotted 37 year old Roberto Cardenas driving a car in the vicinity of 5th Avenue on Stock Island. She recognized him, and knew he didn't have a driver's license so she activated her lights and siren to pull him over. Cardenas refused to stop and instead, sped up. By the time he reached the intersection of Maloney Avenue and Second Street, he was traveling at an estimated 70 miles per hour. Cardenas attempted to make a sharp turn between Murray Marine and a billboard belonging to Boyd's Campground and lost control, hitting the billboard and a steel barricade. He jumped out of the car and fled on foot, jumping into the water.

He swam away and Deputy Parisi lost sight of him. A search of the car, which turned out to be a rental car, turned up a crack rock on the floorboards. A short time later, the deputy received information that Cardenas was hiding out at the Blue Lagoon Motel in Key West. With the assistance of Key West Police, he was taken into custody. Cardenas was charged with leaving the scene of an accident with property damage, reckless driving, fleeing and eluding police, driving with his license suspended, resisting arrest and possession of cocaine. He was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center.

Traffic stop for speeding leads to marijuana arrest

Layton - A traffic stop for speeding Saturday in the early morning hours led to an arrest for possessing a felony amount of marijuana.

Deputy Jacek Szymanski was parked just off of U.S. One in Layton watching for traffic violators just before 2 a.m. when a black Isuzu Trooper sped by him northbound. Deputy Szymanski clocked the car with his radar unit traveling 67 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone, so he turned on his lights and siren and pulled the vehicle over. The driver was identified by his driver's license as 45 year old Arturo Quinquinio of Jacksonville, Florida. A check on his license revealed it to be suspended for financial responsibility reasons. He was issued a citation for driving with his license suspended.

As the deputy was speaking with Quinquinio, he detected the odor of marijuana. After issuing the citation, he asked permission to search the Isuzu. Quinquinio gave his permission and agreed to wait in the deputy's patrol car while the search took place. In the car, Deputy Szymanski found a small bag of 37.5 grams of marijuana in a ziploc bag located in a cooler in the back seat. Another bag of 113.5 grams of marijuana was found in a plastic bag hanging on the gear shift.

Quinquinio was placed under arrest, charged with a felony amount of marijuana and he was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center.

August 11, 2006

Tavernier teens charged with burglary

Tavernier - Two Tavernier teens were arrested early today, charged with forcing their way into a residence on Arbor Lane.

The victim told Deputy Robert Dosh she was at her Arbor Lane home at 3 a.m. when 17 year old Freddie Fuentes and 19 year old Robert Ocampo forced their way in through her front door. She said she ran into her bedroom and locked then door, then called 911 for help. Fuentes and Ocampo were found at Ocampos residence and they were taken into custody, charged with burglary. They were booked at the Monroe County Detention Center.

August 10, 2006

Plant City man charged with gun in carry-on

Key West - A 36 year old man from Plant City, Florida was arrested at the Key West Airport Wednesday after baggage screeners found a gun in his carry on luggage.

Todd Thomas told Deputy Tom Tobin he'd forgotten the loaded .40 caliber handgun was in the bag. The gun was discovered as he attempted to enter the secure area of the airport through the security checkpoint at 6:45 p.m.

Thomas was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and he was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center.

Two Marathon men charged with credit card fraud, identity theft

Marathon - Two Marathon men have been arrested, charged with using another person's credit card to buy merchandise from Home Depot.

The victim, who lives on Big Pine Key, reported leaving his credit card in a rental car he returned at the end of June. On July 1st he received a call from his credit card company about some large purchases on the card at Home Depot in Marathon. Deputy Harold Boyden went to Home Depot and, after interviewing clerks at the store, was able to identify two possible suspects: 29 year old Pavel Bacallao and 37 year old Rene Torna. Bacallao and Torna had used the card to purchase a stainless steel stove valued at $3,000 and a power tool set valued at $600. As confirmation, the deputy was able to view a video tape which shows Torna and Bacallao making the purchase, then loading it into a truck belonging to Bacallao.

Deputy Boyden and Sgt. Susan Greenwood went to Torna's home on Harbor Drive in Marathon In the front of the house, they found empty boxes for a stove and power tools. They asked Torna for permission to search his house. After obtaining permission, they found the stove inside. Serial numbers on the stove matched the numbers from the item purchased with the stolen credit card. At that point, Detective Paul Schultz was assigned to investigate the case.

On July 21st, Detective Schultz went to the Harbor Drive residence to follow up. He obtained permission to look inside. The stolen stove had reportedly been replaced with another stove.

Warrants were issued for Bacallao and for Torna. On July 28th, Bacallao was arrested and charged with grand theft, fraud and illegal use of a credit card. On August 9th, Torna was arrested on two counts of grand theft and tampering with evidence. Both men were booked into the Monroe County Detention Center.

August 7, 2006

Key Largo man charged with sex with a minor

Key Largo - A Key Largo man is in jail, charged with having sexual relations with a 15 year old girl on a regular basis for over a year.

Detective Linda Mixon, with the Sheriff's Crimes Against Women and Children's Unit, is the lead investigator on the case. She began investigating after she was contacted in June by the Department of Juvenile Justice. The victim, who is now 16 years old, was incarcerated in the DJJ facility on Stock Island and while there she received a number of letters from the 35 year old suspect, Kevin Brush. Letters from her to Brush were also confiscated. The letters detail their sexual relationship, which allegedly lasted from January 2005 until April of 2006. The investigation also revealed the suspect, on a number of occasions, reportedly supplied Oxycontin, Heroin and crack cocaine to the victim.

Further investigation led Detective Mixon to obtain a warrant for Brush's arrest. Brush, who was incarcerated in Miami-Dade County when the warrant was obtained, was charged August 3rd with sexual assault on a minor, lewd and lascivious acts on a minor and with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Rockland Key man faces gun charges

Rockland Key - A Rockland Key man was arrested Sunday morning for pointing a gun at another man, and for being a felon in possession of firearms.

The victim told Deputy David Chavka he went to the home on Hammock Drive, Rockland Key, to visit his girlfriend, 38 year old Tina Wells. When he knocked on the door, he said 63 year old Robert Brown answered the door with a gun in his hand and told him to leave. When Deputy Chavka confronted Brown, Brown admitted to having the gun. He said he told the victim to leave once and, when he returned, he told him to leave the second time while holding the gun in his hand.

The gun, a loaded revolver, was found in his bedroom. A second one was found in the kitchen, and a third between the seats of Brown's car. A check on Brown revealed him to be a convicted felon. Marijuana and a smoking pipe were found on the kitchen table. Brown was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Wells, who was also in the residence, had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court so she was also placed under arrest. Both were booked at the Monroe County Detention Center.

Big Pine woman charged with burglary, drug possession

Big Pine Key - A Big Pine Key woman was arrested Sunday in the early morning hours for burglary and possessing illegal prescription drugs.

The victim told Deputy Juan Martin-Reyes he got home from work and went to bed about 12:30 a.m. Sunday. He said he left the door of his Avenue A residence unlocked because a friend was staying there, and he expected him home shortly. At 5:30 a.m., he was awakened by a woman he knew only as "Lori" jumping on his bed. She told him her husband beat her up and she needed a place to stay. After listening to her talk about her problems, he told her she had to leave. He then noticed his wallet was on the chair and not in his pants pocket where he left it. Further investigation revealed money missing from the wallet. When he told the woman, later identified as 42 year old Lori Lospinoso, he was calling the police she left the residence.

The victim's friend said he was sleeping in the couch in the living room at 4:30 a.m. when he heard a knock on the door. The door opened, and Lospinoso walked in. He said she sat down, smoked a cigarette, drank a beer and listened to the radio, talking to him about her problems. He said he assumed she was a family member of the the victim.

Deputy Brian Kibbe checked the surrounding area and found Lospinoso. In her bag he found a prescription bottle. Mixed in with the drug on the prescription label he also found Xanax pills. Lospinoso was arrested, charged with burglary, and with possessing illegal prescription drugs and she was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center.

Islamorada man charged with firing a shotgun

Islamorada - An Islamorada man was arrested Saturday night after he fired a shotgun into the air at his home on El Capitan Drive.

Deputies Paul Kupke, Jacques Rozek and Sgt. Tom Kiffney responded to reports of shots fired at 9:30 p.m. Saturday. When they knocked on the door of the home where the shots were reportedly fired, a man yelled at them not to open the door. When they told him they were law enforcement officers, he finally opened the door.

30 year old Curt Slonim admitted to firing a shotgun into the air to scare off a person who'd come onto his property. He said he and a friend had gotten into a fight at another residence. He said he returned home to find the friend's wife removing their belongings from his house. He said he saw someone walk onto his property so he fired a shot into the air. Deputy Kupke said as they were talking with him they observed obvious signs he'd been drinking alcohol.

Deputies spoke to several witnesses who witnessed the earlier fight. One of the witnesses said he'd gone to Slonim's residence to see if he was all right and that is when Slonim fired the shot.

Slonim was arrested and charged with discharging a firearm in public, aggravated assault and use of a firearm while under the influence of alcohol. He was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center.

Back, Deputy Caridad Bellon and Deputy Luis Blasco; Front, Deputy Brian Luth and KWPD Sgt. Sean Brandenberg pose with seized drugs. See story below.... Marijuana and Xanax seized Friday during a traffic stop at the eight mile marker.

Stock Island man charged with drug possession

Boca Chica - Sheriff's deputies arrested a Stock Island man Friday night after a traffic stop turned up marijuana and Xanax in the car.

Deputy Evan Calhoun was on patrol when he spotted a silver Nissan driving erratically. He was unable to catch up to the car, which was southbound near the 8 mile marker, so he radioed to Deputy Caridad Bellon. Deputy Bellon stopped the car and found the driver to be 24 year old Osmane Rioseco. There were two passengers in the car - a 15 year old boy and Rioseco's mother, who was in the back seat.

Deputies Luis Blasco and Brian Luth arrived, along with Key West Police K-9 team Sgt. Sean Brandenberg and his dog Wind. Wind checked the exterior of the car and alerted several times indicating the presence of drugs in the car. A search turned up marijuana in a glasses case under the front seat, more marijuana in two plastic bags in the trunk and a prescription bottle full of Xanax pills in the mother's purse.

Upon questioning, Osmane Rioseco admitted to ownership of the marijuana inside the car. He said the drugs in the trunk belonged to a friend from Miami. He said the 327 Xanax pills in his mother's purse were his. He said he asked her to hold them for him.

The juvenile and Rioseco's mother were released. Rioseco was arrested, charged with two counts possession of marijuana and with possession of illegal prescription drugs and he was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center.





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